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Evening fun

It looks like fun and games are in store for those to the East of me.

The final flight

Thirty years of Shuttle flight and NBC and Fox neither thought the final flight was important enough to interupt regular programing. They did both offer coverage as an option for stations to pick up at their own choice. We didn't bother.

T minus 2

On internal power. Helmets locked.

Less than :10

I think it's going to go.

They are cleared to Launch.

Less that :30

Everything has been clean except the questionable weather.

Final Launch

They've closed out the white room and pressurized the cabin. Less than an hour until Launch attempt 1.

Jul. 6th, 2011

Last week something (and I don't know what) dredged up memories of a Saturday morning show from my childhood. It wasn't a cartoon but instead for a few years around the beginning of the 70 Sid and Marty Kroft made shows with live actors and costumed creatures and some puppets. This show I remembered was H.R. Puffnstuff. With the main character being a boy who had his sail boat blown off course in a storm and ended up in a magical land H.R. was a Dragon and the boy had a magic flute. Charles Nelson Riley played one of the Villains a Magician who flew around in a giant inverted top hat and wanted to steal the magic flute. I think Billy Barty might have played his stooge. The chief villain was as I remember called Witchypoo and had a cackling laugh I can imitate to this day.

Anyway tonight I was wanting something to watch so I checked out Netflix and watched the first episode of Sherlock (It was a great show and I'm hooked) but the point of this was when it was done I hit the return to browsing button and when it popped up there was H.R. Puffnstuff in the suggestions. Apparently Netflix uses the Force to make suggestions. The show had 17 episodes in 1969 and I'll have to watch all of them. I know it will be absolutely horrible but hopefully it'll be fun.

Happy Birthday!!!

34 years ago I was 11. I wasn't old enough to go to the theater without my parents taking me and back then people, or at least my parents, didn't run around taking their kids every where they wanted to go any time they wanted. So I didn't stand in line anxiously waiting to fork over my $.75 to get in. But I had read about this movie in the back of a weekly reader several weeks before. What had instantly caught my attention was the picture. A guy in some white armor holding a glowing sword looking down a hallway at  several people, one with another glowing sword. Approaching from behind the guy in the foreground were several more guys in armor with shields. It was just about as cool a thing as I could imagine. I loved space ships and knights and this was both. I can't remember how long my parents deprived me but at the time it seemed like forever.
I finally got to go. I still have the Weekly Reader and the first ticket. Because my mom was an accountant at a store in the mall, once school was out I went to work with my mom many times that summer so I could watch the movie. I didn't bother to count but it was in excess of 20. Christmas that year just about everything I got put a little more into George's pocket. I say just about because the parents always bought us clothes for presents no matter how big our list of cool things was. One of the items was the Ralph McQuarrie portfolio and one of the pictures was that cool painting that had caught my attention to begin with.
Thank you George, I have no idea what my life would have been like without the stimulation your movie provided.

Are you ready for a Zombie Apocalypse?

I was cleaning out old files from the news editing system and came across a package we ran this past Thursday. Apparently the Center for Disease Control has made some changes to heighten Disaster preparation awareness, Google "Zombie apocalypse CDC" to see what I mean.

This past Friday night it was decided that because we plan the Tennessee Renaissance Festival trip Sunday and I don't have a dance Saturday night we would play Saturday night. Now that I am free Friday night is anyone going to the Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor double feature at the Starlite?